Empowering the hydrogen economy

Unleash your potential in the green energy industry
Image Empowering the hydrogen economy

The future needs hydrogen. And the future needs you!

As the demand for clean energy continues to rise, hydrogen emerges as an essential solution for a sustainable and decarbonized world. At thyssenkrupp Automation Engineering, we take the lead in enabling the entire value chain of hydrogen, from production to utilization. By supplying top-notch technologies and driving innovative engineering, we are driving the sustainable energy future. By dedicating your expertise to hydrogen technologies, you become an agent of change, propelling us towards a greener and more prosperous tomorrow.

With us, it's not just talk; it's actions. We turn ideas into reality.

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Image Exactly the place you need to be

Exactly the place you need to be

Your hydrogen companion to shape a greener future.

We enable hydrogen-based energy conversion for supply and demand. With our production lines for electrolyzers and fuell cells, we provide comprehensive expertise and cutting-edge technologies pushing the adoption of a clean and sustainable energy source.

Image Electrolyzer


With our production lines for electrolyzers that efficiently generate green hydrogen you can shape the future of the green hydrogen production systems. We develop and install complete manufacturing lines for electrolyzer lines on the customer site. We provide manufacturing equipment for customized requirements and we deliver professional pre-project consulting services. Are you interested in the technical details of our solutions? Then take a look at our website.

Image Hydrogen DNA

Hydrogen DNA

For us, hydrogen is more than just a solution - it's part of our DNA. With a long-standing commitment to sustainable innovation, we are leading the development of cutting-edge hydrogen technologies that shape the future of clean energy.

Image Experience


We have more than 10 years of experience backed with strong market demand.

Image International Focus

International Focus

With clients spanning across the globe, from Germany to Norway and beyond, we are proud to drive the change on an international scale. Our strong commitment to transform the industry globally, positions us as a trusted partner in shaping a sustainable future.

We offer you a world of benefits

At thyssenkrupp Automation Engineering, we believe that everyone can find their perfect fit. We foster a diverse work environment, where talent and expertise thrive, enabling us to drive hydrogen innovations. Join us to make a meaningful impact and contribute to a more sustainable world where clean energy solutions become a reality.

Sustainable impact & development

Image Sustainable impact & developmentImage Sustainable impact & development

At thyssenkrupp Automation Engineering, we believe in purpose-driven work. By joining us, you become part of a team that is committed to drive a positive impact on the environment with our hydrogen solutions. We provide you with a clear career path and continuous opportunities for growth and development.

Collaboration & creative leeway

Image Collaboration & creative leewayImage Collaboration & creative leeway

We foster a collaborative work culture where creativity and innovation thrive. You'll have the creative leeway to explore new solutions and contribute your ideas in a supportive and no-blame environment. Whether you prefer collaborative projects or focused work, we provide the flexibility to accommodate your working style and bring out the best in you.

Compensation & benefits

Image Compensation & benefitsImage Compensation & benefits

We appreciate your performance and commitment. Providing fair compensation and attractive conditions matter to us.

Work-life balance

Image Work-life balanceImage Work-life balance

You can achieve your professional goals with us. To help you achieve your private goals as well, we place a high priority on work-life balance. Our offer includes, among other things, flexible working time models, part-time and sabbaticals.


Image HealthImage Health

Health is an important asset for dealing with the demands of professional and private life. Therefore, prevention and health promotion are important to us. We offer a wide range of services in the areas of physical and mental health, nutrition and medical care.

Hybrid work

Image Hybrid workingImage Hybrid working

With the combination of mobile work and being present in the office, we enable you - where possible - to design your place of work more flexibly.


Image InternationalImage International

Internationality is very important to us. We work in international teams, across locations and countries. Our customers are also located all over the world.


Image Diversity Image Diversity

Diversity concerns the most important resource of our company: people. We are convinced that these differences enrich us and that we are more successful as a result. All our employees have the same opportunities!

Benefits & employee discounts

Image Benefits & employee discountsImage Benefits & employee discounts

You receive discounts at various stores, a company-subsidized canteen and other attractive offers.


Image OnboardingImage Onboarding

In addition to an onboarding event by the HR department, you will receive individual support from the team through an induction plan and our buddy concept.


Image VacationImage Vacation

We offer 30 days of vacation and paid time off for specific situations.

Pension plan

Image Pension planImage Pension plan

With our pension offers, we help you to be financially secure when you reach retirement age. You benefit from the tax advantages of deferred compensation from gross income.

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Image Hydrogen is my DNA

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