Battery Systems


Formation chamber for battery production

For fast chargers: High-end equipment for cell finishing

  • Optimized for fast formation processes

  • Charging currents up to 150 A incl. impedance measurement

  • Intelligent software solution

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Module assembly

Module assembly in battery production for various cell formats

For supermodules: The flexible solution for all cell formats

  • High degree of standardization

  • Fast cycle times

  • Flowing or intermittent process sequences (on-the-fly)

Pack assembly/cell-to-pack/cell-to-car

Process step of pack assembly or cell-to-pack in battery production

For heavyweights: Systems that nothing can overtax

  • Combined solutions consisting of automated guided vehicles and conveyor belts

  • Flexible solutions thanks to high standards

  • High degree of automation even for complex processes

End-of-Line Test

Process step of the end-of-line test in battery production with test run from high-voltage test to residual bus simulation

For contact enthusiasts: All-in-one software concept combines hardware with upse test software developed in-house

  • Power test with own source/sink system with up to 800 kW

  • Customer-specific test run from high-voltage test to leakage test and residual bus simulation

Active thermography

Active thermography for measuring the inside of a weld seam

For detail lovers: See the inside of the weld seam using non-destructive testing

  • Fast <0.6 seconds

  • High reproducibility

  • Reliable


Battery production services

For commitment-oriented people: A stable partnership over the entire life cycle of the product

  • All-round service from training to system relocation - everything from a single source

  • 24 hour hotline

  • Emergency e-mail:

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