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Standardized Solutions

Conveyor Systems

In production areas in which people are installing and testing, it is the transport systems that need to work reliably at all times – and with a high degree of flexibility. Many years' experience in the challenging automotive industry is required to develop these kinds of Systems, which we have.

Horizontal roller conveyor tk-play

The requirements for transport systems are strict. They are required to have a broad application spectrum, a comprehensive component modular system, and at the same time be reliable and flexible in a diversity of ways. They must also be low-maintenance, and existing components must be reusable when modifications are made.

These are stipulations which are well justified. Their purpose after all is assisting cycle-decoupled, manual workplaces as effectively as possible using automatic and semi-automatic stations.

We know this challenge all too well. The systems link the individual assembly and test stations in an intelligent manner regardless of whether horizontal roller conveyors, vertical friction rollers, accumulating roller chains, dragged transport carriages, workpiece carriers or pallet conveyors are used. In addition, products are continually being refined, sometimes being designed from scratch, or aligned to customer requirements in sub-areas.

If no solution is available, we will develop it

thyssenkrupp Automation Engineering's friction roller conveyor (FR) is an accumulating roller conveyor for which the propelling force is generated independently of weight by spring-loaded friction points (slipping clutches).

We have included another cost-effective system in the product catalog for lower transport weights. The alternative is called the KSR system, and is characterized by compact design and simple components. thyssenkrupp System Engineering developed the roller chains required to negotiate curves.

Another system to drag pallets or transport carriages, which moves over the ground on rollers, is available as an alternative. The drive mechanism is based on the familiar components of the friction roller conveyor. The simple mechanism to couple in and out means variable movement towards offline stations or other workplaces is possible at all times everywhere without any additional equipment.